Building to the
Highest Standards


Testimonio II will be an entirely new kind of urban community for Monaco — built with care and optimised for sustainability.

Groupe Marzocco and VINCI Immobilier have proven their commitment to excellence and perfection. With Testimonio II, the team will achieve the very highest standards in bringing social value to the Principality and environmental responsibility to the planet. Testimonio II will greatly contribute to the wellbeing of Monaco's future generations.

Particular care has been taken in the design of thermal, sound and acoustic isolation as well as energy efficiency, as illustrated by the energy recovery process used in the elevators as well as the use of thalassothermy — the use of seawater for health and wellness benefits.

Construction Data & Facts

  • 10,000 m²

    Land area

  • 150,000 m²

    Total built surface area

  • 25,000 m²

    Barrettes, diaphragm walls

  • 16,000


    Tonnes of steel

  • 120,000 m³

    M3 of concrete

  • 240,000 m³

    Volume reported for Earthworks opera ons

  • 2,500 m²

    Green areas

  • 68,000 m²

    of housing units built

    SHOC area of State and Private housing

Innovating for low-carbon impact

On a day-to-day basis, the on-site teams do everything in their power to minimise all types of nuisances as much as possible (noise, dust, traffic).

To drastically reduce noise pollution, an electric hydraulic milling device (Hydrofraise®) was used on site by SOLETANCHE to excavate the complex terrain to the highest standards. This breakthrough technological innovation has made it possible to divide the sound intensity by 4, reduce greenhouse gas emissions by saving over 5,000 litres of fuel a week, and improve the surrounding air quality by eliminating all exhaust pollution. The use of this powerful machine is a first in both Monaco and France.

In addition to this, specific acoustic protections for the mud drilling and treatment plant have been put in place.

Special attention has also been given to the choice of building materials. For example, VINCI Construction used its new range of “very low carbon” concrete for Testimonio II. With far less clinker, this formula sets new standards, reducing CO2 emissions by up to 70%, while demonstrating resistance and durability that is equivalent to those of classic concrete.

Innovating for low-carbon impact

Protecting Monaco’s waters

Since the project launch, special care has always been taken to protect and preserve the spring and the underground rivers that flow below the development. Testimonio II is named after the Testimonio Spring, which is one of the largest local drinking water source in the Principality. This exceptional spring runs through the project site. The utmost care has been taken to protect it and the pristine bay in which it flows.

A drainage gallery has been created to collect water from the Testimonio spring. Pumps and turbidimeters are in place in the improbable event of needing to recover or treat any water impacted by the construction process.

Protecting Monaco’s waters

Construction Timeline

November 2015

Signature of the agreements with the Principality

3rd Trimester 2016

Preconstruction Starts

2nd Trimester 2017

Construction Start

September 2019

Start of structural work for the first 30-storey state-owned Tower

End of 2020

Start of structural work for the second 27-storey state-owned Tower

4th Trimester 2022

Delivery of the first state-owned Tower and nursery

3rd Trimester 2023

Delivery of the second state-owned Tower and Internatonal School

End of 2023 to summer 2024

Delivery of Bay House and project completion